Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Carrier Regulatory Maze

At one point in the great baseball movie, "Bull Durham" the coach tries to tell the players that it's a simple game.  "You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball."  QED, right?  Well, baseball is a little more complicated than that, as we know (otherwise why would all those overweight jocks be making gzillions of dollars while we sweat it out in the real world??).

Text messaging looks simple on the outside, too.  You send a message or you receive a message.  Except, well, it's not.  There are a host of regulatory hurdles to overcome that make compliance - and thus assurance that you can continue operating - difficult.

TextPower, Inc., takes pride in making sure that all compliance requirements are baked into our system.   But it's not easy and that's why when you decide on which vendor to use for your emergency alerts, marketing, poll-and-control, machine-to-machine or other uses for SMS, you need to pick the right company.

The latest publication is 30+ pages explaining how the carriers restrict the use of text messaging.  It's practically coma-inducing but might be worth a look (check it out HERE) before you decide on which SMS gateway and service provider to use.

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